The Importance Of Exercise For Your Dogs

by | Jun 5, 2019 | Exercise and Play, Health and Nutrition

If you want your dog to be healthy and strong, you have to do more than just by feeding him a healthy, balanced diet. Your dog needs regular exercises to stay physically and mentally fit. Many pet parents exercise their dogs only when they’re opportune, but regular exercises are the last thing you want to cut out of your schedule. Here are five reasons to keep you and your four-legged friend moving every day.



Exercise maintains strong bones

Just like humans, a sedentary lifestyle is an unhealthy lifestyle for pets. Exercises are an effective way to work the bone mass and maintain your dog’s healthy bone density. When done regularly, they help keep your pooch in good shape and prevent the development of mobility issues caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Before you initiate a routine of exercises for your pet, consider speaking with your dog’s vet to confirm that the changes are suitable for your dog’s body, condition, and fitness level.



Exercise strengthens the bond between you and your pet

You know your dog loves your company but did you also know that spending quality time with your four-legged friend can aid strengthen the bond for between you and him? Getting out with your canine companion provides you with an opportunity to engage in a shared activity which can create a new level of trust. Whether it’s a walk, run or hike, your doggy pal is one of the best workout partners you can have because they’re always happy to show up and will never complain.



Exercise combats obesity

Obesity is a medical condition that occurs when your pet has excess body fat, and this increases the risk of health problems like pancreatitis, arthritis, diabetes, bone disease, chronic inflammation, depression and more. Regular exercises can help your dog fight obesity by enhancing metabolism which in turns makes it easy for the body to manage fats until the condition is reversed. Once you start, you can bring low-calorie treats to keep your canine friend motivated.



Exercise slows the aging process

Getting old is part of life. When pets age, their muscle mass diminishes, leading to higher risks of diseases while the possibility of full recovery declines. But when you keep your pet fully active through regular exercise, you’re helping him maintain lean muscle strength and integrity which can play a huge role in warding off certain age-related diseases. However, make sure you seek advice from your dog’s vet about the exercises that are appropriate for a senior dog.



Exercise reduces unwanted barking

Dogs have always been given work to do from time immemorial. In previous centuries, they were bred to work which included hunting, farming, and herding. If you don’t keep your dog busy by giving him what to do, he will give himself something to do like barking excessively at passersby. Most dogs that bark excessively do so out of boredom, but you can channel your dog’s energy into exercises which will tire him out and help you enjoy some quietness at home. A tired dog is often well behaved, calm and focused.

Finally, every dog owner must ensure that their dogs partake in one form of exercise daily. This is because exercise is of great importance in the overall welfare of the dog.