The Essential Guide to Senior Dog Supplements

by | Sep 28, 2020 | Health and Nutrition

Did you know that almost 40% of all households own a pet dog? Anyone who owns one of these furry companions will tell you that they’re like a member of the family.

Because of this, many people want to ensure that their pups live happy, healthy lives. Unfortunately, as old age approaches this becomes more difficult. As a dog gets older medical conditions to make it more difficult to do the things they love, like running and playing.

One solution is senior dog supplements. These added vitamins and minerals can help relieve some of the pain that accompanies old age. So what supplements are right for your older dog?

Luckily, in this article, we’ll give you a complete guide to what your animal needs. Let’s get started!

Always Check With Your Vet Before Giving Your Dog Supplements

It’s important to always check with your vet before putting your dog on supplements. Why? Because the symptom may be part of a more serious condition. For example, some types of arthritis in dogs are related to a neurological condition that can be treated early on.

However, it does require the right type of medication — not supplements. Not all dogs can take the same type of supplements either. For example, one type of supplement may work with a larger dog, but the dosage could be too high for a smaller one.

Your vet can help you figure out how much your animal needs. If your dog already takes medication, then you should also consult your vet.

Some of the ingredients in a specific herbal supplement may have a negative reaction when combined with their medication.

Five Types of Senior Dog Supplements You Should Consider

The type of supplement your senior dog needs depends on a variety of factors. Namely, you should keep in mind some of the symptoms and conditions they’re suffering from.

To help, we’ve organized popular conditions into five categories. For each section, we provide some supplements and vitamins that can help ease their symptoms.

1. Joint Pain Supplements

Joint pain occurs sooner or later with most older dogs. It can seriously affect the health of dogs that require a lot of mobility to release their energy.

Dogs suffering from joint conditions will remain inactive throughout the day which can change their mood and behavior. If your dog suffers from this kind of condition, then look for supplements with glucosamine.

This ingredient can help make the pain from these conditions more tolerable. That’s why it made #1 on our list of must-have dog products. Keep in mind it doesn’t cure the condition or get rid of the pain.

But it can make it easier for the dogs to move around at certain times of the day. To prevent a joint condition from getting worse, you can also look for chondroitin sulfate. This active ingredient blocks the enzymes that destroy cartilage.

2. Digestion Supplements

If your dog is suffering from diarrhea or a similar bowel-related illness, then you might try probiotic supplements. However, you should always consult your veterinarian before you do this.

Some of the different types of probiotics can actively harm your pet if you choose the wrong one. If you use probiotics, then you should always check the expiration date. The products contain live bacteria, so they can be dangerous if past expiration.

Another digestion-related illness that many dogs suffer from is frequent UTI. If this occurs, then you should look for products that contain cranberry extracts.


Because these extracts help prevent bacteria from lining the wall of your dog’s bladder.

3. Immune System Supplements

Your dog’s immune system helps them protect against viruses and harmful bacteria. A healthy immune system can aid in preventing the onset of certain neurological and muscle conditions.

If you want to support your older dog’s immune system, then look for essential fatty acids (EFA’s). These things include things like Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. You can find Omega-3 in things like fish oil.

They provide anti-inflammatory properties which makes them good for fighting against illness. We also recommend EFAs if your dog suffers from a brain condition or skin problems.

4. Brain Function and Cardiovascular System Supplements

What’s the secret to healthy cognitive function and a strong cardiovascular system? Easy: antioxidants. Antioxidants are things that repair cell damage in your or your pet’s body. They can include things like damage to your or your pet’s body.

They can include things like vitamin E, beta-carotene lycopene, vitamins A, lutein, vitamin C, and selenium. However, instead of looking for supplements that provide these vitamins, we recommend instead adding it to their diet.

For example, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries are all incredibly high in antioxidants. They’re also perfectly safe for your animal to eat. Try adding some fruits and vegetables to your older dog’s diet.

You might be surprised by the difference it makes. Just make sure it falls under the approved list of things your animal can eat.

5. Mood, Appetite and Sleep Problems

CBD extract is a relative newcomer to the supplement field, but it’s provided some encouraging results in older dogs. The compound is extracted from the marijuana plant. However, don’t worry — your dog won’t get high.

CBD contains little to no THC, which is the psychoactive component that causes a high. What it does provide is things like mood relief, improved appetite, and relaxation.

As such, it’s ideal for dogs suffering from insomnia, depression, anxiety, and lack of appetite. Some types can also relieve pain. This feature makes it ideal for any type of condition that involves pain, like arthritis or skin problems.

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