How To Get Rid Of Wet Dog Smell

by | May 23, 2019 | Health and Nutrition

As a dog owner, you’ve probably had the revolting stench of a wet dog hit your nostrils so severely that you could hardly bear it anymore. Are you a new dog owner? It’s only a matter of time before you experience the dreaded wet dog smell. If you’ve repeatedly taken your pooch for a walk in the rain or to the beach or just given him a bath, the chances are good that you’ve experienced the infamous wet dog smell, and if you’re reading this article, it means you’re looking for how to rid your canine companion of that smell.

Why dogs smell

Before we discuss how to get rid of the wet dog smell, it’s important to know why they smell as this it will show why you cannot completely eliminate the smell. To be brief, dogs smell all the time as their body releases pheromones and other smells to communicate with other dogs. However, the offensive smell is caused by bacteria molecules which evaporate when your dog is wet, making their usual smell more concentrated.

Five tips for getting rid of dog wet smell

Have plenty of towels on hand

Some dogs coat are resistant to drying out which may make the smell linger for long. If you want to get rid of the smell faster, it’s advisable to get more than one towel to sop up as much moisture as you possibly can. Rub gently, but it should have some pressure so you can help your pet dry faster. Consider having several dry towels close by before you begin the process.

Use a blow dryer on low heat

Who says you can’t use a blow dryer for your canine? Using a hand blow dryer on your pet is a great idea but be careful not to burn his skin. Make sure you keep everything low and that you watch for your dog’s reaction to the process. If he’s scared of blow dryers (like most dogs are), quit the process.

Leverage natural air drying

If the day is bright and sunny, consider going for a walk with your dog after the bath. But if it is not sunny, you can still go for a walk with your pup provided it’s not chilly. However, if it’s too cold for your pooch, you can take him around the neighborhood as an exercise while also getting rid of the wet dog smell.

Add a scent neutralizer to your pet’s coat

Unlike the previous tips, this won’t make your dog dry faster, but it can help mask the smell of your dog even though he’s still wet. You can shop for sprays online but if you’re unsure of which to buy, ask your vet for some help. Alternatively, consider using coconut oil as a home remedy which is known to be effective in hiding bad smells.

Make sure your dog’s bath is thorough

Sometimes, the clingy, wet dog smell can be as a result of poor grooming. When dogs are not properly washed, there’s the likelihood that there are still tons of debris and bacteria on your dog’s coat. You may dislike the process but if you really want to get rid of the wet dog smell, be sure to give your fog a thorough bath.

Finally, following the tips listed above can help you reduce dog wet smell.

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