How to Choose A Dog Breeder When Looking For A Puppy

by | May 16, 2019 | Health and Nutrition

Dog breeders abound all over the place; therefore you need to be careful when it comes to choosing a trustworthy dog breeder in your area.

It is incredibly vital for you to choose and transact with the right dog breeder. But to ensure that you are dealing with the right set of people, here are some factors to watch out for to confirm the authenticity and reliability of a dog breeder:

They Must Have a License with the Local Council

A registered dog breeder loves dogs with a passion and will ensure that they raise well-conditioned and healthy puppies at all times. They will also do their best to raise the dogs in comfy, clean, and safe environments.

Breeders with no license with the local council will likely not allow you to tour the premises and are usually doing the business for the money. You should turn away from such people because it is also highly probable that they will not follow proper guidelines when raising puppies.

The key is to talk to the vet and other dog lovers in your area. The vet will be able to point you out to a responsible and licensed breeder in your area since it is likely that he/she sees many dogs every day.

You can also go online to search and confirm if the dog breeder you want to transact with is duly registered with the local council and other relevant authorities and operating their business within the laws and recommended guidelines of the industry.

See the Puppy’s Parents

If you are not allowed to see the puppy’s parents, then you need to be very cautious about dealing with the dog breeder. Even if the father is likely not around when you visit, you need to insist on seeing the mother in her rearing environment.

The mother’s general condition may not be at its best given that she just gave birth to a litter of puppies, but she should be seen around her offspring.

Find out about the father’s temperament – most dog breeders use stud dogs that suit their female dogs – as well as whether or not he is a thoroughbred or mixed and how healthy he is. The stud dog’s family tree should go back at least five generations. It is not a bad idea to take a look at the stud dog’s photograph to get a rough idea of how he looks physically.


The key is to ask a lot of questions and perform adequate research before making up your mind to do business with a dog breeder. If you suspect foul play or notice that the puppy is not happy, then the breeder is questionable and should be avoided.

A good dog breeder will answer all your questions and ask you a ton of questions in return – and allow you to tour the environment. A breeder that socializes well with the puppy in a clean and safe environment is trustworthy.