Fun, Impressive Tricks You Can Teach Any Dog

by | Jun 18, 2019 | Exercise and Play, Training

There are many ways to spice your dog’s life, and one of them is by teaching them some fun tricks as they can help to keep your pet’s brain sharp. If your dog has mastered the basic commands like “sit” and “lay down”, you may be wondering what’s next. Here are some fun tricks you can teach your dog to create a stronger bond, and also impress your fellow dog owners.

Top 5 Fun Tricks To Teach Your Dog


Bark on Command

This fun trick allows you to teach your dog how to bark on command and how to be quiet too, especially if your canine has a raucous barking habit. It is easy, but it requires a lot of patience. To teach your dog this trick, wait till your canine starts barking and then say “speak”. When he stops barking, say “stop.” Repeat this often with your dog until he begins to associate the word “speak” with barking and the word “stop” with stop barking. Whenever your dog barks (or stops barking) on your command, pull out a treat to reinforce the training.


Shake hands

Imagine having your dog welcome you home with shake and then does the same to visitors as an incredible alternative to jumping up as a way of greeting. To teach your pup this impressive trick, put your dog in a “sit” position. Then present a closed fist full of treats, and your dog will be forced to raise his paw in anticipation since he can’t get it with his mouth. Raise your hand higher each time you repeat the trick so your dog will have to raise his paw higher until it gets to chest height. Once he continues to paw, use the command “shake”, and your dog is sure to understand the trick as you repeat it often.


High Five

This trick is an extension of shaking hands, and it’s always fun to say “gimme five”, and your dog responds with a palm full of paw. When your dog masters your shake command, you can teach this trick by holding your palm out and when your dog hits your palm, say “high five”. Then reward your pup with a treat him and praise him. Repeat this trick often until your dog learns to respond to the command “high five” by raising his paw to touch your open palm.



Rollover may seem like a difficult trick to teach, but with some practice, you will discover it’s straightforward which is why it’s one of the first tricks for most dogs. Hold some treats in your hand and move your hand slowly behind your dog’s neck so he can turn his neck without looking backwards. Your dog should turn his neck to sniff the treat and when he does that, roll it over. If your dog follows the cue and rolls over, give him the treat and praise him for it. The more you do it, the better your dog will be at it.


Take a bow

This one of the classic tricks that’s sure to impress your fellow dog owners. It’s quite easy as all you need to do is notice when they stretch in the usual dog yoga pose. When you catch them doing it, give the command “take a bow!” and then reward him with a treat and praise him enthusiastically. After a while of using the command, your dog should be able to take a bow on cue.


Finally, teaching your dogs these tricks can boost their mental stimulations and help them stay happy at all times.