CBD for Dogs: How to Give a Dog CBD Oil

by | Aug 11, 2020 | Health and Nutrition

Sales for CBD pet products have quadrupled from $8 million to $32 million. More pet owners are recognizing the benefits of giving their dogs CBD. For example, CBD oil can ease your dog’s anxiety if they whine when you leave home.

It can also ease their pain, reduce seizures, stimulate their appetite, and more!

Want to learn how to give a dog CBD oil? Keep reading for five methods you can use when administering CBD. With these tips, you can help your dog relax and enjoy the many benefits CBD can offer.

Read this guide before giving a dog CBD for the first time for five easy methods you can use at home!

1. Use an Oil Dropper

Most CBD oil products come with a dropper. You can use this dropper to measure how much oil you want to give your dog. Instead of some of the other techniques listed below, you can simply give your dog a few drops by applying the CBD into their mouth.

However, it’s important to note that different animals and humans respond to CBD based on:

  • Weight
  • The product’s quality and potency
  • Unique health conditions

If you have more than one pet at home, you might notice they respond to CBD a little differently.

CBD works by acting on your pet’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is responsible for regulating different functions, including:

  • Appetite
  • Mood
  • Sleep
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Nausea
  • Immunity
  • Anxiety

CBD is a type of phytocannabinoid. By giving your dog CBD, regulate their ECS to keep it in a state of equilibrium. Keeping their ECS balanced can reduce mental and physical effects like anxiety and pain.

Administering CBD for the First Time

When giving your dog CBD for the first time, start low and go slow.

Start with a very low dosage, such as a few drops. Make note of how your dog responds. Do they seem to relax?

If your dog doesn’t seem to respond to the CBD, consider giving them a little more the next day. Slowly increase the dose in increments. Once your dog seems to respond, you’ve found the right dosage. 

When giving a dog CBD straight from the dropper, consider giving them a treat afterward. Rewarding your dog with a treat will ensure they swallow the CBD. It can also keep them from running every time you pull out the CBD bottle.

2. Give Them a Treat

Do you often give your dog porous dog treats? Consider adding a few drops of CBD oil onto the treat before giving your dog CBD.

Start by adding a few drops of CBD onto the treat. If the treat isn’t porous, the CBD will likely slide off before your dog can eat it. Instead, give the treat a few seconds to soak the CBD up before giving it to your dog.

Sometimes, determining how to give a dog CBD oil depends on the size of your dog.

This method is best for smaller dogs who only need a small dose. Dogs that weigh more, however, will need a much larger dose. Putting too much CBD on a porous dog treat can cause it to break apart. 

If your dog is larger, you might want to use one of these other methods for giving a dog CBD instead. 

3. Mix It With Peanut Butter

Does your dog love lapping at a spoonful of peanut butter? Consider mixing that peanut butter with a small dose of CBD.

If adding CBD oil onto a dog treat is too difficult or messy, this is sometimes a better technique. Make sure the peanut butter doesn’t contain xylitol, though. Xylitol is a sweetener that is sometimes toxic to dogs.

Instead, make sure to thoroughly mix the CBD and peanut butter together. The peanut butter will help mask the taste of the CBD. If your dog already loves peanut butter, they’ll likely lap it all up without a second thought.

You can also place the peanut butter inside a toy or on top of a treat.

4. Add It To Their Food

If your dog is prone to eating wet food, you might want to try adding a few drops of CBD oil for dogs into their dinner bowl.

Try with a very small dose to begin with. Then, gradually increase the dose by adding a few more drops onto their dinner. This process will help your dog adapt to the taste of CBD. 

You can add the CBD oil directly onto your dog’s food. Make sure to mix it in. It also helps to let the CBD oil soak into the food for a few minutes before letting your dog dig in.

In the meantime, make sure your dog isn’t unintentionally risking your health. Improving their health with CBD could benefit yours!

5. Make Your Own Treats

The average price per pound for CBD dog treats is twice the average dog treat. With that in mind, many people are using CBD oil to make treats for their dogs at home. 

If you don’t have experience making dog treats, you might want to use one of the methods mentioned above, first. Sometimes, adding CBD oil to baked treats can get tricky.

For example, CBD oil can evaporate if you bake with it. The CBD’s potency and efficiency might decrease. Your dog might not experience all the potential benefits as a result. 

Instead, you might want to try making no-bake treats. It also helps to bake at a low temperature for an extended length of time.

If you plan on baking dog treats using CBD oil, consider replacing all or part of the recipe. For example, does the recipe call for water or olive oil? Remove those components and replace them with CBD oil instead.

Remember, oil and water don’t mix. Trying to use both in one recipe can make for a messy treat. Instead, make sure the CBD oil is distributed thoroughly within the mix.

Otherwise, your treats might have a different amount of CBD oil in each one.

How to Give a Dog CBD Oil: 5 Administration Tips

Now that you know how to give a dog CBD oil, give these tips a try. It might take a little trial and error to determine which technique works best. Don’t forget to start low and go slow to determine what dosage is best for your dog, too!

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