Abracadabra!: The Best Dog Tricks to Teach Your Pup

by | Sep 20, 2019 | Exercise and Play, Training

Are you a dog person? Do you wish to teach your dog a few tricks? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Teaching a dog how to sit, roll over or shake can be a bit cumbersome for any person. However, learning the best dog tricks will give you an added advantage.

Dogs are adorable and impressive creatures which make teaching them tricks a fun experience. Before teaching your dog the best tricks, it is crucial to remember that teaching a dog a trick is a process.

Therefore, you need to be patient and committed to the experience and learn the tricks to teach and in no time your dog will be a pro at performing these tricks. You should also have a few treats to reward a dog when after every successful step. The dog treats.

Teaching your dog tricks is one of the best parts of dog ownership. Check out this guide to learn about the best dog tricks to teach your pup.

Roll Over

Rollover is one of the best tricks that you can teach your dog. It can also be challenging, but once you master the basic skills the result will be impressive and the trick requires repetition for your dog to master.

All you have to do is take your dog through the steps in a gentle manner and you will be amazed at what your dog can do. Rolling over is one of the fun and easy dog tricks that will amaze everyone.

Standing on Its Hind Legs

Is it adorable when your neighbor’s dog can stand on its hind legs? Well your dog can also learn the trick and all you have to do is continuously repeat the trick to your dog and before you know it, he/she will stand on its hind legs.


It does not matter whether your dog is young or old this trick is a must-learn for any dog. Even though this dog trick is a classic game, it does not come naturally for every dog, thus you should not worry about the trick or how long it takes for your dog to learn the skill.

During the training you might notice that your dog will fetch an item but not bring it back, this should not discourage you. As a “dog trainer” have patience and know that the final result will be rewarding.

Sit On Any Surface

Since dogs tend to sit naturally, teaching a dog how to sit should be an easy experience. Sitting is important for your do to relax and settle in one place after vigorous playtime and learning this dog trick will not only benefit your dog but also you.

If you are wondering about the ways of how to teach a dog sit, you should relax because the steps are easy to master.

For that reason, you should adequately prepare for the training by choosing the right location and carrying a few dogs treats to reward your dog. It is also important to note the proper sitting positions which will ensure the dog is firmly sitting on the ground.

If you are looking for the ways of how to teach a dog to sit you should relax because the steps are easy to master.

Bark When Given the Order

Barking, when given the order, is a challenging trick that requires an extra kind of patience, as a pup owner you should remember that the dog won’t back right away. Therefore, teach the dog in a calm way and wait for him/her to bark then offer him/her the treat.

Once your dog has mastered the trick, your friends and family will wish to learn the trick.

High Five Trick

High five is a dog trick that will impress your friends and family. The trick does not only catch the viewer’s attention but also brings the two of you closer. Once your dog learns this trick, the two of you will be closer than before.

The first step to teaching your dog this trick is to have a dog treat on your hand where the dog can see. When he/she tries to reach for the treat, raise your other hand and speak the words.

Continue repeating the words and rewarding the dog with the treat until he/she learns the high five trick.


Shake is an impressive dog trick that your dog must learn, but how to teach a dog how to shake is a mystery for any dog owner. Nonetheless, this should not deter you. Once your dog learns the other tricks, this one should be pretty simple. Your friends will be amazed by this move from your dog.

There are different ways your dog can shake, the most interesting one being the shaking of paws. Learn how to teach a dog to shake hands and you will be impressed by the results.


Hugging is a sure way to bring two people together and this is no difference between you and your dog. It is so easy for you to hug your dog but can your dog hug you right back? If not, then you should learn this trick for you to enjoy the bonding experience with your dog.

A hug is pretty simple for your dog to learn, just make sure you have the treats and reward him/her when he is successful.

Once your dog learns this dog trick, everyone will be blown away by how the two of you show each other love through hugging.


Kissing is an intimate dog trick that will bring the two of you closer. For this reason, this trick is easy for your dog to learn. Be sure to put a dog treat on your hand for your dog to see and reward him or her for the smooch.

Once he/she learn the trick, it will be a smooth day for you and your family.

Be Informed When Teaching New Dog Tricks

teaching new dog tricks can get frustrating at times for both you and your dog. It is therefore important for you to do it in the right way to avoid the dog learning the wrong thing. It may be necessary to sometimes involve a professional but it also depends on how you conduct your training.

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