5 Impressive Dog Tricks Any Pooch Can Learn

by | Apr 17, 2020 | Exercise and Play, Training

Keen to teach your pet pooch some awesome new tricks?

Teaching your dog tricks is a great way to give your pup some mental stimulation, and many of them stem from the basic commands.

When we think of dog training, most of us think of the commands like sit, down, come, and stay. While these instructions are important for your dog to learn, there are plenty of fun and easy tricks to teach too.

Get ready to impress your friends and family with these easy dog tricks.

1. Give a Kiss

Your pooch may already shower you with kisses every day, but now you can request them on demand.

Training to kiss is one of the easiest tricks to teach dogs. While not everyone appreciates a big, wet, slurpy doggie kiss, kids usually love it.

To teach your pup how to smooch, place a little dog treat on your cheek and add the command ‘Kiss’. With time, you’ll soon have as much affection you desire from your dog.

Another advantage of teaching your dog to kiss on cue is that it helps you avoid unwanted licking. Sometimes those soggy smooches are only appreciated occasionally, after all.

2. Shake Paws

Your dog will be the politest pooch in town when they learn how to greet your friends and family by shaking hands (or paws).

Have your dog sit. Then, place a treat in one hand and show it to your dog.

Close your hand over the treat so your dog is unable to reach it. Then, give your pooch the command ‘shake’ while waving your closed hand under your dog’s nose to keep his interest.

Sometimes dogs will sniff around your first, and when that doesn’t work, they start to paw at your hand.

The moment your dog touches your hand with his furry paw, tell him ‘good’ and open your first, gifting the treat.

This is one of the best dog tricks to teach as they love using their paws and will lap up the positive attention they receive when completing the trick.

3. Spin

Getting your pup to spin on command is a key dog trick for the books. While it may seem complicated at first, making your dog spin in circles when directed can be achieved easily with the correct technique.

Hold a treat near your dogs’ nose to encourage him to spin. With time, you can eventually make this a verbal command only.

However, prompting your dog to spin using only words can be difficult for beginners, so you should still be proud of yourself if you manage to get your canine to spin by using treats or hand signals.

If you want another challenge, you can also try to teach your dog to spin in a direction. Your friends will be gobsmacked when you show them that your clever pooch knows the difference between left and right.

4. Balance a Treat on the Nose

If you’re looking for cool dog tricks, try teaching your dog to balance a treat on his nose.

If your canine has a big appetite – don’t worry. This is one trick even the hungriest dog can master, although it’s fair to say that it’s probably easier for pups without such a huge appetite.

To begin, request for your dog to sit in front of you. Then, touch their nose softly so they acclimatize to the idea of something resting there. When they’re patient, be sure to praise them for it.

Then, take a small treat and hold it in your hand. Bring it close to your pooch’s nose, but don’t let them eat it yet. Repeat the command ‘leave it’’ to help them understand that they can’t scarf the treat immediately.

Next, hold the treat under your dog’s nose, but still, don’t let them eat it. Let him know that you’re pleased and that he’s doing a great job.

Finally, set the treat on your dog’s nose and command ‘leave it’ again. After a couple of seconds, say ‘Ok!’ to let your dog know that it’s fine to eat the treat.

It should take a good few rounds for your dog to understand the trick, but once he does, it’s a great command to help teach patience and to show off to friends and family.

5. Speak on Command

Training a dog to bark on command is not only fun but it helps to fix a common behavior issue. If your dog has a problem with barking or yapping too often, by teaching him to ‘speak’ or ‘be quiet’ this helps reduce excessive noise.

This helps greatly in certain situations when you need quiet. Plus, you’ll be proud of showing off your pup’s conversational skills at parties and gatherings.

First, make your dog sit and stare at them. Dogs seek some sort of guidance from you, and when you don’t respond to them, their reaction is to bark.

When they do bark, gift them a treat to show that they’ve done something good. With time, you can add the command ‘speak’ and they’ll begin to link the word with the action.

How to Nail These Easy Dog Tricks

When it comes to teaching these easy dog tricks, positive reinforcement works best.

After all, it’s easier to teach your pooch what to do, rather than what not to do. Respond enthusiastically with a treat when they fulfill your command, but don’t give them a negative response if they don’t get it quite right.

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