5 Dog Grooming Essentials You Need As A Dog Owner

by | May 16, 2019 | Health and Nutrition

Do you want to keep your dog clean and healthy? Of course, your dog needs to be clean and healthy to be happy. But to keep your dog in mint condition, you need high quality dog grooming supplies. Dogs need their nails trimmed, coat washed and other basic hygiene practices to keep them pest free.

If you are not sure of the essentials you need in your dog grooming kit, this piece will show you the five most important supplies to keep handy.

Dog Combs and Brushes

There are as many brushes and combs as there are dog hairs. Depending on the breed and age of your pooch, you may need one or more type of dog comb or brush.

Most dog hairs are compatible with bristle brushes but wire pin brushes work better for medium or long hair.

Use Slicker brushes to untangle the hair of dogs with medium or long hair and rakes or mat breakers for severe mats and tangles.

If you own a double-coated breed like the Siberian Husky, get shedding tools to get rid of excess hair. Your dog will also benefit from flea combs when the itching becomes unbearable.

Dog Shampoos

No dog bath is complete without a quality, preferably medicated dog shampoo. Some people make the terrible mistake of using their shampoo on their dogs. If you do that, you are ruining the poor animal’s coat.

For best results, get your dog a soap-free shampoo or conditioner like Warren London’s Exfoliating Butter Wash.

There is a large collection of top quality spa products to choose from on our store. Whether for bath or after bathing your dog, you will find exceptional products to bring out the shine in your pooch’s coat.

Nail Trimmers

Unlike their undomesticated cousins living in the wild and working dogs, pet dogs need their owners to trim their nails manually. And for this you need a set of nail trimmers that will make the activity as stress-free as possible for the animal and human.

There are different types of nail trimmers including claw-style trimmers, scissor-like trimmers guillotine trimmers and Dremels.

You need to know the proper technique for nail trimming as any injury the first time will make subsequent sessions a nightmare for the dog.

Filing tools can also make the work easier, especially for puppies. You can buy a styptic powder to stop bleeding in case of accidents.

Dog Hair Clippers

If you own a medium or long-haired dog, you might want to shave the animal’s coat once in a while. Dog breeds such as Poodles or Shih Tzus that continue to grow hair need regular cuts though.

While some dog groomers use scissors for this job, it is easier to trim or shave your dog hair with electric clippers.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Oral health plays an important role in your dog’s health. You need to have a dog-specific toothpaste and toothbrush to keep your pet’s mouth free of bad breath, tooth decay and halitosis among others.

While it is best to brush your dog’s teeth every day, most people can’t do this with their heavy schedules. However, make teeth brushing and oral examination a part of your dog’s regular grooming sessions. It will be worth it.